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Handling of Personal Information

We collect information on this site from those who use it to the extent necessary to smoothly operate the services we provide (provision of information on the website and the acceptance of various opinions, etc.). We appropriately collect, use and manage the information as follows based on the Privacy Policy of the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau. At the same time, we are striving to build a website which everyone can use with peace of mind.

What Is Personal Information?
Personal information refers to information which can identify specific users (names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, etc.) that has been provided to the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (hereinafter “TCVB”) through this site.
Scope of Application
This policy only applies to this site; it does not apply to other sites linked to from this site. The information at sites linked to from this site are handled at the responsibility of those respective organizations.
Collection of Personal Information
As a general rule, the personal information collected by the TCVB through this site is information provided (registered) at the intention of the user himself/herself. When collecting personal information, we clearly indicate the purpose of doing so. We collect personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes we have clearly indicated.
Restrictions on the Use of Personal Information
We use the personal information you provide to us (register with us) within the scope of the purpose of collecting it which we clearly indicate in advance. We never use personal information beyond the purpose of collecting it and never provide personal information to a third party except when stipulated by laws/ordinances. However, we may publish information we have statistically processed (user attributes etc.) only if it does not contain any personal information.
Purposes of Using Personal Information
We use the personal information we collect for the following purposes
  • To respond to requests and inquiries from users
  • To perform various procedures and to make contact in relation to requests to purchase the Guide to Educational Trips to Tokyo
  • To match up schools seeking exchanges and to provide information on various types of support as a point of contact for the acceptance and arrangement of educational trips to Tokyo
  • Other purposes of use we clearly indicate at the time of acquiring that personal information
Management of Personal Information
The website administrator strictly manages the personal information we collect. That administrator takes appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, misappropriation, falsification or other misuse of personal information. We may outsource the operation of this site. However, the said outsourcer will also take similar appropriate measures.
Information of Users Not Included in Personal Information
This site automatically collects Internet domain name, IP address, browsing environment and other information (hereinafter “User Information”). The User Information we collect is limited to content with the aim of improving the usability of this site. Moreover, we only use it within than scope. However, we may publish statistically processed information (information on access to this site and browsing environment, etc.). We may collect and use information relating to the usage situation of this website (which cannot identify individuals) including page browsing history and search history on this website to improve the contents and to statistically investigate the browsing situation for market research purposes to be used within our company. Therefore, we use a technology called cookies on this website.
The Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TVCB) uses cookies to collect certain information. The purpose of that is to analyze your use of the website and to provide you with services and advertising customized to you.
The function of cookies is to store your website browsing information on your computer (a device which can connect to the Internet such as a PC, smartphone or tablet).
There are cookies set by the TVCB (first-party cookies) and cookies set by third-parties partnered with the TVCB (third-party cookies).
Purposes of Using Cookies
  1. The TVCB uses cookies to improve convenience for you. This includes eliminating the need for you to repeatedly input the same information when browsing the website.
  2. The TVCB uses the information we collect using cookies to analyze your use of the website (access situation, traffic and routing, etc.), to improve the performance of the website itself and to improve the services the TCVB provides to you.
    Moreover, the following tools are mainly used and information is provided to the tool providers when analyzing your information.
    Tool: Cookie Consent Management Banner
    Provider: User Local, Inc.
    Tool: Google Tag Manager
    Provider: Google LLC
  3. In addition, cookies may be used to distribute behavioral targeting advertising by advertising distribution service providers partnered with the TVCB.
How to Reject Cookies
  1. Rejecting All Cookies
    You can disable cookies by changing the settings of your browser. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to receive some services. Please check with the maker of your browser for how to change your cookie settings.
  2. Rejecting Specific Cookies
    Please ask the relevant company about how to stop your information being provided to advertising distribution service providers. You can also check this from the websites of the main advertising distribution service providers partnered with the TVCB which are listed below.
※Use of Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to ascertain the usage situation of this site and to serve as reference in content improvement. We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous traffic data from those who use this site. However, we do not use the data we have collected for any purpose other than the improvement of this site. Please refer to the Google Analytics site ( for details about the terms of service and privacy policy of Google Analytics.
※Point of Contact for Inquiries and Complaints about the Handling of Personal Information
TCVB (Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau)