Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about educational travels to Tokyo.

About application
About school exchanges
About travel arrangements

About application

What are the requirements for application?
The requirements for application are as follows:
  • The tour must be confirmed.
  • The information on reserved airline tickets and accommodations must be submitted. (It is necessary to submit documents that can confirm the reservation status, such as a screenshot and/or confirmation e-mail of the reservation.)
  • It must be a visit by a school or a student group, not individuals.
  • If there is competitive bidding, the application has to be submitted after winning the bidding.
  • It is required to answer a questionnaire after conducting the school exchange.
How to apply
After completing the Application Form(EXCEL:30KB), submit it along with the confirmed information on reserved airline tickets and accommodations, such as a screenshot and/or confirmation e-mail of the reservation. to: schooltrip@tcvb.or.jp.
What is the due date for the application?
Please submit the application form along with information on reserved airline tickets and accommodations at least 3 months prior to the scheduled departure day.
What are the things to be considered upon application for school exchange?
1. You cannot cancel your application after submission.
2. Please refrain from looking for other schools in parallel with your application to us.
Is it guaranteed that you will find a host school for us if we apply?
Even if you apply and we accept your application, we may have to decline your request if we couldn’t find a host school regardless of our utmost effort to find one. Please note that, depending on various social conditions, timings, and contents of your request, we may not always be able to find a host school for you.
Would you support our visit to a university?
We do not offer support for arranging a visit to a university.
Do you organize and/or arrange other forms of exchange for us, such as observation, training, and opinion exchange by school officials, including principals and teachers?
We do not offer such arrangement. TCVB only arranges exchanges between schools abroad and in Tokyo.
Can you organize an online exchange?
TCVB does not offer support for online exchange.
Do you offer support for establishing a sister school partnership?
No, we do not offer support for establishing a sister school partnership.

About school exchanges

What are the things students can do during school exchange?
Students are often involved in class participation, club activity participation, cultural exchange, etc.
Please see the description of an actual case.
How long does a school exchange session take?
In many cases, it takes about half a day (2-4 hours) either in the morning or afternoon.
When do you have more difficulty finding a host school?
We sometimes fail to find a suitable host school for the periods during summer holidays (around late July to the end of August), spring holidays followed by going to the next grade (around mid-March to mid-April), and exams (test periods depend on each school).

About travel arrangements

Is it better to have traveler’s insurance?
We recommend you buy traveler’s insurance. Please note that participation in athletic club activities is allowed only when the student has appropriate insurance.
Can you introduce us to a travel agent?
First, please refer to the list of TCVB’s supporting members , and then directly contact a travel agent of your choice.
Can you arrange a host family for us?
TCVB does not arrange host families.